I used to work in PR and marketing. Now, I’m managing my way back from being very, very sick. So sick!

Why this blog? For me, this is more a place of storytelling rather than writing. A place to tell my own story, yes, but also to share the tales of others, gathered from these entangle-y dark lands of chronic illness.

When do we declare we are officially “sick”? What does a “return to wellness” actually look like, especially for us very ill folks? Who else do we empower to declare these things about us? And what about the afterlife and divinity and the cosmos and the meaning of life already??!!

There are so many questions on this hejira, as I reach hard for a new normal. A deep, far-ranging inquiry, reshaping me profoundly. I am Tom Hanks on that desert isle, with only a coconut for a friend.

Strange new lands indeed. Whatever this place is, it’s mine and it’s yours. Let’s do some exploring together, shall we? Until then namaste, baby. Namaste. ~ Karen